Why Success is Driven by Consistency — Not Intensity

Consistency in Health: Extending your time in tension

Commencing a 12-week challenge, marathon, or Tough Mudder is a great way to kickstart your health. While these activities have high intensity and may benefit your health for a specific period of time, their effects are temporary unless maintained.

  • See food as fuel, and active rest as an important part of your fitness. The food we eat doesn’t only impact our physical health, but also our mental health and moods too. When you look at food and rest as vital to how you feel not just how you look — you see your holistic health in a new light.

Consistency in Business: Seeking ongoing trust and flexibility

In Sinek’s book, he discusses how the Navy SEALs, unlike many businesses today prioritise trust in their employers and teams, over performance. Where performance is a measure of technical competence, the latter is a measure of character and personal accountability, with both traits requiring consistency.

Tips for consistency in business

  • What is your objective? What are you trying to achieve?: Before commencing any project or work, clearly understand what it is you’re looking for. Often a little probing reveals something different. Whether it’s a digital or physical project or task board map out what you want.
  • Set reasonable, realistic expectations: You’ve heard the saying, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. What can you achieve in the stipulated time frame? What is in and out of scope?
  • Deliver what you say you’re going to: Do the work, that’s it.
  • Have transparency: Highlight roadblocks, seek collaboration, communicate ideas, objections.

Consistency in Personal Development: Cultivating your craft

For many musicians, it can be easy to see a 7-year-old violinist playing Paganini’s Caprice 24 with beautiful musicality as a rare prodigy. However, behind the child’s cuteness and perceived talent is consistent practice.

Consistency in Relationships: Nurturing lifelong values

When it comes to relationships, it’s easy for us to adorn rose coloured lenses and see people within their highlight reel. Particularly in romantic relationships, I’ve been guilty in overinvesting and overcompensating for people’s effort that was like a blimp in the radar.



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